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“Dear Darwin, You have validated for me today what I have been feeling for a long time. I am so grateful and in such gratitude to you. You are an amazing light in this world so thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gift with myself and others. I will take your words to heart and become more cocky!! Sitting on this land is a gold mine and magical. With your guidance and help I will open up the doors and start healing retreats xoxoxo” – Anonymous, May 26, 2019
“This is on high voltage psychic talent! Loads of precise details she couldn’t have known, her style is colorful–rapid–ACCURATE–Darwin is the real thing.*****” – Debbie, Marietta
“She was great…lots of details, predictions and information! Cannot wait to call her back.” – Anonymous
“One of the best readings I’ve had since 2006. This lady is phenomenal. She gave me good advice, brought up aspects of my carer that on one would know and no other psychic has seen. Exceptional intuitive.” Anonymous – May 11, 2019
 “Took me 4 days to talk to her and YES SHE IS WORTH EVERY SECOND!!!” – Anonymous
“I Love love love Darwin she is so accurate…WOW How can you be so good lady! Many blessings to you She’s so professional and no judgemental as well! The BEST HERE, trust me!” – Lucy, Gold Coast
“Thank you for the detailed messages! Hope the predictions come true soon”! – Anonymous
“Darwin is a must read. She blew me away with the information she provided. She is an honest and accurate reader! Thank you Darwin, I will keep you posted! xoxo” – Anonymous
“Well two for two…she got timing right again and I’ve never run across that with any reader. She said a 5 and on a Friday it was 5 days later on Friday! Not sure about the rest of the predictions yet but she’s really on point so far with her contact timing! I trust the redevelopment of the relationship will follow suit as seen.” – R.T., Maple Shade
“First time talking to her and it felt like she knew the whole scenario of my situation. Excellent reading! Hope predictions come true!” – Anonymous


“Thank you for an amazing and accurate reading this morning! She is quick to connect and is highly gifted! Read with her now! I will keep you posted! Xo – Anonymous


“Exceptionally gifted” – Anonymous


“She was different in a good way. She is the first person to mention that I needed to have my Chakras balanced. Her readings were accurate and I look forward to her predictions” – J.A., Desoto


“She is exceptional. Give her a try, you won’t be disappointed. She will have a long wait time eventually because she is THAT good.” – Anonymous


“She was superb. She provided same info as higher priced advisors and gave so much detail. She was straight to the point and didn’t waste my time. She was thorough and accurate with characteristics and happenings. I look forward to May, June and October” – Anonymous


“Amazing amazing. Spot on! She nailed it. Great advice on how to proceed!” – Ginger, Kapolei


“Number 9 was accurate on my character and past, so this made me think that the predictions about the future would also be right. I was impressed.”


“Number 9 is a very friendly and solid reader. She picked up a lot on my family relationships and was very accurate– there were quite a few things she said that shed a lot of light on my situation, which was very interesting and helpful. I will call her again.”


“Everything you said so far is coming true and it’s amazing, I can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring I’m so excited” – E. UK


“I went to one of Katie’s ‘Learn to be Psychic’ classes, it was so much fun and informative. I definitely recommend you go! I feel so good!” – Trish, UK


“I had a reading with Katie, and I can’t believe how spot on she was, she picked up on everything! Family arguments, the family dog. She even predicted my romance cycles, saying that he was going to pull back, which he did and then come back stronger, which he has! I can’t believe her accuracy.”


“Kate was amazing. Kind, friendly and a true professional. Will definitely be seeing her again.” – Frank, UK


“We have been trying for a baby with not much luck, we came to Katie as we are pretty desperate. She talked about her spells and herbs and thought why not, got to give everything a try right? UPDATE!!! We went to the hospital and our session sample, was the strongest they have ever been, we can’t wait to continue this journey with Katie…”


“…WOW! I am a lawyer in an investment bank and often fluctuate between being a lawyer and a banker – I head a finance team! You are incredible! …Thank you”


“Brilliant! 100% accurate. 100% intuitive to my current situation. Also great advice! Thank you…” – Candy, USA


“Best reading ever. So spot on!” – Gunsynd, India


“Great reading, clear and straight to the point 🙂 really recommend her xx”


“Wow factor this lady is incredible had amazing connection picked up on so much. Thank u sweetheart for your insight and clarity regarding my situation I appreciate your honesty and reassurance. Blessings” – Rebecca, UK


“Another amazing follow up read, so down to earth and say it as it is. I’m so glad I chose u as my adviser. Def recommend u will not be disappointed”


“Wow!! Kate is absolutely amazing. She is mind blowing. Highly recommend and I will definitely be back. Thank you so much Kate xx” – Lisa dm, UK


“Kate is fantastic! What a spot on reading. She is a delight”


“I LOOOOOVVVVE HEEERRRR!!!! Thank you” – Nova, USA


“Thank you so much for this wonderful reading. It really helped me I needed some direction” – Danielle, USA


“Awesome reading with great insights and good advice. Thank you and god bless you”


“I just wanted to tell you, I don’t know if it’s coincidence or if you did that spell. I was doing the open house today and somebody that was very interested in the house came right at the end. I was very happy with how excited they were about the house”


“Thanks for the reading Katie. Some really relevant things picked up and also some eerily accurate random things that I wouldn’t even think would be picked up” – Christina, UK


“Katie, you blew my mind. I will DEFINITELY be using you again xxxxxxx” Anna, UK


“Thanks for reading…you are a really lovely lady, it was a pleasure :-)” – Chris, UK


“Thank you for the money spell, weirdly enough I had a business opportunity come through, is that how it works? Mind blowing!”